In Praise of Trouble

In Praise of Trouble

By Gene Barker

In this edition, we’re looking for trouble.

In praise of trouble (decentralise everything – its all a scam)

Based on some recent feedback that entrepreneurs have given us on the opacity of our thesis, we thought we’d take some time out to expound.

Team (trouble – builders & sellers – the tango – bombs and pulpits)

We love trouble. Specifically, trouble makers. The problem with trouble makers (as with all great change makers) is that while plenty identify, few exist. We like to think we have good eye for them; thoroughness of conviction, the taint of embitterment, a childlike naivety and a burning sense of justice. Unsurprisingly, the true troublemaker is quite a volatile institution. We therefore really like when troublemakers tango. Specifically, we like troublemakers who tango in a builder / seller step. One building the bomb and the other leading the revolution.

Market (small and big – universality – carmen sandiego)

The target domestic market must be small enough to lean scale into, but big enough to continue to capture value across the investment timeline. Scale depends on the universality of your product – demand curves should be based on global problems and solutions. Where in the world are we going to find you?

Product (barbecue ideas – nudge – sleep money)

It has never been easier to start a business, but ideas are cheap. We absolutely need you to have already found a way to have given your idea form. Products should be seamless experiences, we are very interested in products you don’t know you’re are using. Unit Economics – does it work in isolation and does it exhibit economies of iteration.

Matter (impact – anarchy – legacy)

Finally, does any of this matter? Are you causing trouble for the right reason? Does the result contribute?

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